AAP and API senior management have over two centuries of experience combined in the wholesale, retail, chain, and cooperative pharmacy industries. This expertise is working for you as an AAP member. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions, comments or concerns. Call us at 877-797-9227.

  • Jon Copeland

    Chief Executive Officer/President

    extension 501

  • Wayne Boese

    Vice President of Sales

    extension 340

  • Kevin Foshee

    Vice President of Finance

    extension 521

  • Tracie Heyrman

    Vice President of Preferred Partners

    extension 548

  • Brandy Hooper

    Vice President of Human Resources

    extension 226

  • Clint King

    President of API

    extension 238

  • Mark Metzger

    Vice President of Merchandising

    extension 505

  • Rob Bowman

    Vice President of Information Technology

    extension 514

  • Ginny Langbehn

    Director of Marketing & Corporate Communications